Amazon product research strategies for beginners



To choose which product to sell on Amazon, a process known as “product research” involves thoroughly examining several items or niches using a variety of criteria. You can’t only rely on your gut feeling or intuition when it comes to selling items online. To make informed decisions, you must compile data, examine a variety of metrics, and apply it.

Though it might appear revolutionary, can your original “water bottle” idea bring in a sizable profit for you?

Data alone can determine that!

In a market that is already crowded, your product could not sell well even if it does.

You have to choose your product carefully if you want to avoid launching a failing business. The five criteria that assist you in choosing which goods to sell on Amazon are listed below.

Amazon product research
Amazon product research

Research on Amazon [Guide]

How do you determine whether the things you have shortlisted will be profitable?

In this case, product validation is essential.

We’ll outline the four pillars in this part to help you validate your (future) product idea. They’re

(1) Demand (2) Clients (3) Rivalry (4) Profitability

Which Amazon model is best for beginners?
The best Amazon model for beginners is often Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
What is product research for Amazon?
Product research for Amazon involves identifying profitable products to sell on the platform.
How do I research what sells well on Amazon?
You can research what sells well on Amazon by analyzing sales data, using product research tools, and monitoring trends.
What categories can I sell on Amazon as a beginner?
Beginners can sell in various categories on Amazon, including electronics, beauty, home & kitchen, toys, and books, among others.

amazon product research tool Paid Tools

Amazon product research tool: Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, or Helium 10.

amazon product research tool free

Amazon product research tool free: Helium 10‘s free plan, Keepa, or CamelCamelCamel.

amazon product research helium 10

Amazon product research Helium 10: Comprehensive suite for product research, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

amazon product research course

Amazon product research course: Udemy, Coursera, or Skillshare offer courses on Amazon FBA and product research.

best amazon product research tool free

Best Amazon product research tool free: Helium 10’s free plan is highly recommended for its robust features.

amazon product research report sample

Amazon product research report sample: Can be found on Google or purchased from market research firms like

amazon fba product research job

Amazon FBA product research job: Freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr often have listings for Amazon FBA product research specialists.

amazon product research upwork

Amazon product research Upwork: Freelancers on Upwork offer services related to Amazon product research, including market analysis, competitor research, and keyword optimization.

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